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What does the Hotel Stella Marina do to protect its guests and partners in this emergency situation caused by Covid19?2022-05-20T03:22:09+00:00

Preserving our spirit of hospitality, we immediately began to rethink the way to welcoming, in order to adapt it to the new distances, methods and safety attitudes. Since the “Safe Hospitality” Regulation has been published, to prevent the spread of the Sars-Covid-19 virus in tourist accommodation facilities released by Federalberghi *, we have studied all the changes necessary for the safe reopening.

At present, we have integrated and verified the procedures with the recommendations of the Decree Law no.33 of 16 May 2020 and of the “Guidelines for the reopening of Economic, Productive and Recreational Activities” of the Conference of Regions and Provinces. We have noted with pleasure that the Federalberghi Regulation is much more restrictive and detailed than the institutional one. Obviously, we will continue to inform and train us, in case of potential further changes to the safety and health regulations concerning the hospitality sector.

) = containing the provisions issued by: WHO; Decree of the Prime Minister 26/4/2020; circular of the Ministry of Health 22/2/2020 n.5443; as well as the provisions of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italian National Institute of Health), INAIL strategies for the prevention of contagion in the workplace; the European Parliament Regulations n.852 / 2004, which establish the general principles and requirements of food law and the procedures in the field of food safety and on the hygiene of food products.

Are there new ways to check in?2022-05-20T03:27:27+00:00

In the reception and lobby, as well as in all common areas, the use of a mask is required and hand hygiene devices will be available for everyone to use. Before arriving at the hotel, guests will be asked to send a copy (via email, or with a photo via WhatsApp) of each identity card, in order to avoid gatherings at the reception during check-in. It will be preferable to keep the room keycard for the duration of the stay and return it only on departure.

Despite all the indications due to the particular emergency period, we guarantee our willingness in providing all the information needed to enjoy the holiday to the fullest!

Every object supplied to our guests for use will be disinfected before and after each use.

Even during check-out it will be preferable to stay as little as possible at reception and limit the waiting time, so we will try to facilitate billing and payments as much as possible.

What are the new practices in cleaning the rooms?2022-05-20T03:29:53+00:00

Cleaning staff is equipped with individual CE mark protection devices, which are changed after each phase of the cleaning cycle, both inside the room itself and from one room to another. The employees must respect the new operating methods in compliance with the aforementioned rules. In compliance with the distancing measures, the guest is asked to leave the camera for the time necessary for cleaning, leaving the window open for air exchange.

For the sanitization all certified products are adopted, with alcoholic and hydroalcoholic solutions. All bedrooms have independent air conditioning, therefore do not share air pipes with other rooms. The filters (previously sanitized) are replaced every time a new guest arrives. All the unnecessary items have been removed from the rooms or, where possible, replaced with disposable materials.

What changes in common areas?2022-05-20T03:31:58+00:00

Those who have already been in the hotel know very well that all areas are regularly aired; this has already been our practice since before the emergency, as the shape of the structure allows us to always have fresh and bright areas!

In addition, all areas will be frequently sanitized, also based on the influx of guests, with particular attention to the most touched surfaces (such as handles, handrails, lift, etc.).

Throughout the hotel there will be specific signs to guide, where necessary, the use of good practices for social distancing. In common areas there will be sanitizing gels with a concentration of 60-85% alcohol for hand hygiene.

The staff has been trained and will be equipped with all the tools that will allow them to welcome you safely!

How does breakfast take place?2022-05-20T03:36:43+00:00

For this year it will NOT be possible to offer our beloved breakfast buffet as always. It is a great disappointment for us, as we know it is one of the most important moments of the day! For this reason, we will do our best and even more, hoping to satisfy all tastes and different needs anyway.

Trying to keep our high standards, we chose table service.
We ask our guests to be patient and respect small rules. Access to the breakfast room will be allowed by sanitizing your hands and wearing the mask, which can be removed once at your table.

Breakfast is served from 8.00 am to 10.00 am and takes place in two shifts of 60 minutes each. It will be necessary to choose and book your shift WITHIN THE PREVIOUS EVENING.

This allows you to access the room in a more controlled way and thus enjoy breakfast with the right spaces. We are aware that this requires a collaborative effort by all and we thank you for your understanding.

Will it be possible to use the sunbeds on the rooftop terrace?2022-05-20T03:39:43+00:00

Of course! It will be possible to use the sunbeds available, using your own towel and following the indications that will be given in the hotel. Our practice will allow each guest to use previously sanitized deckchairs.

Will the bike garage always be available?2022-05-20T03:41:15+00:00

Absolutely yes! It will be possible to take advantage of the indoor bike parking as long as the capacity allows. You will be asked to place your bike and / or sports equipment with a certain distance from the others.

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