Preserving our spirit of hospitality, we immediately began to rethink the way to welcoming, in order to adapt it to the new distances, methods and safety attitudes. Since the “Safe Hospitality” Regulation has been published, to prevent the spread of the Sars-Covid-19 virus in tourist accommodation facilities released by Federalberghi *, we have studied all the changes necessary for the safe reopening.

At present, we have integrated and verified the procedures with the recommendations of the Decree Law no.33 of 16 May 2020 and of the “Guidelines for the reopening of Economic, Productive and Recreational Activities” of the Conference of Regions and Provinces. We have noted with pleasure that the Federalberghi Regulation is much more restrictive and detailed than the institutional one. Obviously, we will continue to inform and train us, in case of potential further changes to the safety and health regulations concerning the hospitality sector.

) = containing the provisions issued by: WHO; Decree of the Prime Minister 26/4/2020; circular of the Ministry of Health 22/2/2020 n.5443; as well as the provisions of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italian National Institute of Health), INAIL strategies for the prevention of contagion in the workplace; the European Parliament Regulations n.852 / 2004, which establish the general principles and requirements of food law and the procedures in the field of food safety and on the hygiene of food products.